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Kastner Kitchens is proud to use the keystones of craftsmanship, practicality, sustainability and aesthetics in all of our work.

In our bespoke designs, we ensure that our kitchens are spaces built around ergonomics and interaction, perfectly tailored to the vision and needs of each individual client. Our made-to-measure furniture is created for those who prefer to build an exceptional living space rather than adjust one to meet the product. We offer two furniture lines (Nature Element & Element Furniture) and provide a wide range of services including bespoke cabinets and worktops, complete kitchen renovation, design consultation, furniture manufacturing, building works and bathroom design; we can do it all!

Choose Kastner Kitchens & Interiors for a fully consultative and customisable design process to build your dream interior.

Nature element

Bespoke Clad Furniture with Plywood Carcass

Simple and beautiful, our Nature Element designs are made with a strong and durable Plywood carcass and then clad with Ceramic, Krion, Corian, Fenix or laminate material. Create a bespoke and long-lasting design, manufactured exactly to your taste and equipped with a 6-year warranty. Our Nature Element brand is available in our Ilkley design studio and designs become a reality at the JS Deco manufacturing centre in Castleford.


Bespoke furniture with Egger board Carcass

With the help of a couple of cabinet manufactures, we can supply showrooms, designers, developers and fitters across the Northwest with furniture which includes everything from the cabinetry to worksurfaces, to appliances, to lighting and interior fixtures and fittings. With Element products, we use a premium Egger board carcass, rather than Plywood, to produce excellent and competitively priced furniture for both residential and trade clients.


We work with some of the most beautiful materials to give your home that bespoke and polished look and feel.

Sintered Ceramic

Durable, elegant and functional, Sintered ceramic is made from the purest natural minerals and is the perfect choice for innovative and avant-garde design. With a number of exquisite finishes (including contemporary concreate and marble), choose Sintered ceramic to create beautiful continuous surfaces on worktops, counters, furniture, facades and more.

We use X-tone and Dekton surfaces which are available in 4mm, 6mm, 12 mm or 20mm-thick slabs to allow all kinds of ideas to come to life.

Corian & Krion

The seamless integration of acrylic and natural materials in both Corian and Krion provide an exquisite combination of beauty, quality and hygiene; this is the perfect design solution for kitchens and bathrooms in the home.  Natural minerals and high-resistance resins are combined to craft these materials with a natural stone appearance. Choose Corian and Krion for a cladding that is pore-less, antibacterial, hard-wearing, easy to repair, warm to the touch, easy to clean and low maintenance.

What more could you want?


Discover FENIX, the innovative material for interior design created by Arpa Industriale. With low light reflectivity, soft touch, high opacity, thermal healing and anti-fingerprint properties, FENIX surfaces are the perfect choice for kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and much more.

Egger Board

Egger board is used and trusted all around the world by designers, architects and property developers to produce imaginative and innovative furniture. We offer both EURODEKOR MFC and MDF from the premium Egger range.

Furniture will be available in Slab door with handle, Modern Shaker & Handless design options.

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